Poker, and particularly online poker, has had an exponential boom in popularity over the past ten years. With tens of millions of online poker players around the world the battle for their business has taken on significant importance for online casinos. From a player’s point of view one of the most attractive things about poker is that it is a game of skill rather than luck. Top poker players will attribute the role that chance plays in the overall outcome of hundreds of hands of poker between players in the low single digits. Another selling point is that when playing poker a player is not playing against the house but against the other players on the table meaning that the house has no interest in the outcome of the game in terms of who wins. The casino makes its money by taking a cut of the overall flop. This is usually around 2.5%-5% though can be lower for online poker room operators. Some of them also only take a share of the pot in games which reach the flop. Players therefore do not feel as though they are being exploited by the casino and it is also in the casino’s interest to provide the best poker experience possible to keep as many players playing for as long as possible. So what are the best online casino poker rooms for keen poker players?

Betsson Poker Room

Powered by the Net Entertainment poker room software, the Betsson casino host one of the most popular poker rooms in Europe and South America. Due to NetEnt’s poker room being offered by well over one hundred casino operators, there are always plenty of tournaments and games going on. The poker room offers all the most popular poker formats and there are tournaments and games to suit those who prefer to limit themselves to small stakes as well as more aggressive players.

Betsson also offers virtual poker rooms where both players and the dealer are connected via live video streaming, provide for an authentic casino experience. Several forms of video poker games are also available.

Bet365 Poker Room

Bet365 is the biggest casino running Microgaming’s poker room platform. The Microgaming poker offering has plenty of advocates who like it’s no fuss simplicity and easy usability. It’s not going to appeal to players who prefer slicker graphics and a more video game feel but if you have ever played the earlier versions of Zynga poker on Facebook and enjoyed it then you will enjoy this poker room.