Video poker is an electronic game played on terminals that appear similar to video slot games and first appeared in casinos in the late 1970s. It is also a common game on online casinos. The idea of video poker is a game that can be played by a single player against the machine in a faster format that traditional poker, which also requires a group of players. It is the casino game with the lowest percentage of chance in favour of the house with some games offering payout percentages of over 99%. Let’s take a look at some of the best and most popular video poker games available.

All Aces

All Aces, when played with a perfect strategy, offers a payout percentage of a hunge 99.92%, putting you at pretty much even odds with the casino, something which is pretty much unheard of for casino games. All Aces is a Microgaming product so you will find it at casinos offering Microgaming software, such as Bet365. As might be deduced from the name, this is a game where a particular accent is placed on the player having all four aces in their hand. The only higher payout comes from a Royal Flush. Other four of a kind hands also bring higher payouts than standard in video poker, so even four 2’s will lead to a higher payout than three of a kind and a pair in combination, or a straight.

Jacks or Better

Another Microgaming offering, Jacks or Better pays out on pairs only when they are, appropriately, Jacks or better. Otherwise it is pretty standard and combinations have the same weighting as they would in a normal game of poker. Due to its only limited variation from standard poker rules Jacks or Better is probably the most accessible form of video poker out there and as such is often a player’s first point of experimentation.

Joker Poker

Joker Poker operates exactly like normal poker in terms of what counts as a combination. The only difference is that the pack you are playing with contains a Joker. When the Joker is present it will play the role of whatever card you may need to complete the highest combination possible with the cards in your hand. So if you have nothing but one Ace and a Joker, the Joker would be counted as a second Ace. Most interestingly, and most in your favour, would be if the Joker helped you to complete a flush or a straight.

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